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Books (Some of the books with major mentions of Jane.)

Say It With Music, The Life and Legacy of Jane Froman, Barbara Seuling, Boxing Day Books, Publishing date: November 10, 2007 Click here to order a copy .

Music Radio: The Great Performers and Programs of the 1920s through Early 1960s, Jim Cox, McFarland & Company, Inc, 2005

Jane Froman: Missouri’s First Lady of Song, Ilene Stone University of Missouri Press, 2003

One little candle: Remembering Jane Froman, Ilene Stone, Petunia Publishing, 1997)

Lawyers and the American Dream, Stuart M. Speiser, M Evans and Company, New York, 1993

A Star Is Torn, Robyn Archer, and Diana Simmonds, Virago quarto Paperback (card), 1986 (Based on a successful stage show, the book takes a look at the lives of a number of women singers. Includes: Janis Joplin, Jane Froman, Dinah Washington, Marie Lloyd, Helen Morgan, Patsy Cline, Bessie Smith, Carmen Miranda, Billie Holiday, Marilyn Monroe, Edith Piaf and Judy Garland. Has some interesting photos.)

Petticoat Pioneer: The Story of Christian College, Christian College, 1956, Revised Edition, Allean Lemmon Hale, 1968

Magazine Articles

"Preserving the Song in Her Heart." Mizzou magazine (Alumni Association), Chris Blose, 2003, Vol. 91, Iss. 4, pg. 32-37,

"A Timeless Voice, Froman fans still celebrate her life." Columbia Missourian, October 5, 2001.

"To Aunt Jane, With Love." Missouri Life, Deena Meiner, October 1983

"Where Are They Now." Newsweek, February 26, 1968

"Jane Froman Campaigns for Disturbed Children." Columbia Missourian, July 17, 1966

"Where Are They Today - Jane Froman Never Looks Back," Source unknown, July 1965

"Jane Froman Develops a New Talent." Associated Press (about art classes), After 1962

"Why is Heartbreak Hitting." Source and date unknown, (1955?)

"Please Stop Pitying Me," TV Picture Yearbook, 1955

"The Will To Win" Goodwill Industries International Comic Book, c.1955 (view article: http://www.disabilitymuseum.org/lib/stills/1921.htm)

"Backstage with Jane Froman," Stars Magazine, 1955 Edition

"Something to Sing About," TV Illustrated, June, 1955

"Song in Her Heart," Headliner, May 1955,Vol. 1, No. 4

"Three Singers Herald Springtime on TV," TV Guide, May 7-13, 1955?

"Portrait of a Lady," TV Star Annual , April 1955

TV Star Parade, April, 1955 (small cover photo)

"With a Song In Her Heart" Newark Sunday News Magazine, January 14, 1955 (gorgeous full color oversized cover photo and story)

"I'm Not Kidding Myself," Radio Stars, (in WASIMH journal, 1955

"The Real Jane Froman," by Jack O'Brien, TV Star Parade, December 1954

"Homes of Famous People, Holiday Time with Jane Froman," Cynthia Montgomery, magazine unknown, 1954

"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody," source unknown, August 1954

"I Believe...," TV Radio Mirror, July 1954

"TV's Most Stubborn Star," Pictorial Review, June 6, 1954

"She Wants to Smile," The Companion, 1954(?)

"48 Hours Alone," TV Star Parade, May 1954

"Please Don't Pity Me," TV and Movie Screen , May 1954

"I Was Never a Cripple," Source unknown, March 1954

"Jane Froman at Home," TV Star Parade, March 1954

"This She Remembers," TV Star Parade, February 1954

"Jane Froman's Memory Book," Source unknown, February 1954

"The Real Song in her Heart," Motion Picture, February 1954

"She Remembered Not to Forget," source unknown, 1954(?)

"Jane Froman's Secret Weapon," Henriette Kish, source unknown), January 1954

"Jane Froman Comes Back," Songs That Will Live Forever, 1954(?)

"Wait and See," ad, Variety(?), January 1954

"The Personality of the Year," (full page ad) Variety, December 9, 1953

"JANE'S back in the swing," source unknown, November 1953

Photo, November 24, 1953 (cover or large photo in Sunday newspaper magazine section)

"TV Starland's Gallery of Favorite People," November 1953

"First Lady of Music," 1953

"She Lived My Life," Photoplay Magazine, 195?

"Smilin' through," source unknown, November 1953

"Jane Froman's Tips on Christmas Gifts," TV Guide, October 1953

"Froman Show to Telecast from Lighting Institute," General Electric Publication, October 2, 1953

"Backstage with Jane Froman," TV Guide, 1953?

Radio-TV Annual, Radio-TV Mirror, Sept, 1953 (short story + picture)

"Deep in Her Heart," Joan King Flynn, TV Star Parade, July 1953

What's New From Coast to Coast, Radio-TV Mirror, June, 1953

"Courage is her Companion," TV Fan, June, 1953

"Design For Living, Coronet," April 1953

"You not only see --you perceive," Look Magazine, March 24, 1953

"Miracle of Healing . . . JANE FROMAN," Coronet, March 1953

"Triumph Through Faith," Jane Froman, Coronet, February 1953

"G.I. Jane," Hildegarde Johnson, (tv magazine, p.32,) 1953(?)

"JANE FROMAN She didn't want to be a heroine," TV Album, '53 or '54

"Froman Dances," Look or Life, '53 or '54

"The Courage Beyond Belief," Anna Froman Hetzler, Radio-TV Mirror Magazine, Jan 1953

Courageous Jane, source unknown, 1953

"Jane Froman: Courage Unlimited," Isabella Taves, McCall's, May 1952

Song Hits Magazine, (Cover), May 1952

"You Aren't Whipped Until You Quit Trying," Jane Froman, movie magazine, May, 1952

Life Magazine, April 21, 1952 (Jane Froman has still more near misses with tragedy in her life)

"With A Song In My Heart," LOOK, April 8, 1952

The Channel Road (column), Tele-Vision News, April 28, 1951

"The Saving of Jane Froman," Helen Witzling, source and date unknown

"The Lesson To Learn From Jane...," Gladys Hall,

Tight Squeeze, Elsa Branden

Air Tragedy Again Passes Close to Jane Froman

I Wanted To Die, Jane Froman, TV World, probably 1953

"Who's Winning the Canary Race," TV Guide, sometime in 1953

"U.S.A. Canteen Starring Jane Froman," ad, October '52

"Jane Froman: Courage Unlimited," Isabella Taves, Reader's Digest (Condensed from McCall's) October 1952

"What's Spinning," Radio-TV Mirror, Sept 1952

"Radio's Own Life Story," Radio-TV Mirror, Nov 1950

"Also Hope," Time, October 9, 1950 (read article:) http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,935501,00.html

"Facing the Music," Radio-TV Mirror, Sept 1950

"Positive Living - Ask For It," Antiques Digest, ( Originally Published 1950 ) (read article:) http://www.oldandsold.com/articles38/positive-living-1.shtml

“When Not To Be Helpful,” Jane Froman, Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin, November 29, 1949)

"Everybody's Etiquette"

"LOOK Applauds Jane Froman," LOOK, Nov 9 1948

"Facing The Music," Radio-TV Mirror, Nov 1948

"Downbeat" (cover) - September 22, 1948

"I Love Presidents," Source unknown, May 1948

"Amoro Therapy Helps Lovely Jane," (Appears to be from a Sunday newspaper mag) April 18, 1948

"Wedding Bells With My Hero -- And On Crutches," March 12, 1948, New York Post and Home insert, Magazine and Comic Section,

Wonder Woman comics, 1948(?)

"Gallant Songstress," Real Life Comics, no. 38, March 1947

Everybody’s Weekly, 9/29/1946
Everybody’s Weekly was a Philadelphia Inquirer Photo Supplement/Magazine (all with full-color front pages) in rotogravure. Full-newspaper page size until 1946, when it was reduced to tabloid page-size format and in June 1947, was renamed “Parade-Everybody’s Weekly”. Discontinued in 1949?

"Purple Heart for Froman," Newsweek, December 1945(?)

"What's New from Coast to Coast," Radio-TV Mirror, Feb 1944

"Song in her Heart," Arthur Mann, Collier's, January 22, 1944 (article and half-page picture from Artists & Models)

"Inside Radio," Radio-TV Mirror, Oct 1942

"Dude for a Day," Look, October 6, 1942

"What's New From Coast to Coast," Radio-TV Mirror, Sept 1942

"Jane Froman Dreams About Retirement - but she's found another career in cafe world," Jack Taylor, Wide World Advance for AMS, Sunday May 3, 1942(?)

Song Parade Magazine, Jane Froman/Julie Conway (Cover photo), 1942

Paquita Magazine #235, (Cover Photo), 1941 (Released in Mexico)

Song Parade, "Nob Hill," 1941

LIFE Magazine - March 14, 1938 (cover)

Radio Stars, October, 1937 (unknown entry inside)

Popular Songs, April, 1936 (cover)

Radio Stars, March 1936 (unknown entry inside)

"Singing Girl by Kyle Crichton," Collier's, February 29, 1936

1935 Radio Stars Magazine - JANE FROMAN (cover photo)

Radio Guide, Jane Froman (cover photo), March 1935

The Stage, February, 1934 (Photographed with Everett Marshall. Preview to two page spread of Ziegfield Follies. No article.)

"Toni Arden and Jane Froman engage in some feminine chit-chat while waiting for their "on stage" cues at a benefit ball." (picture) Studio Secrets, Helen Martin

"Smiling Through" (full Page picture)

"Reviewing Stand," Marjorie Canter and Ruth-Ann Canter

"Jane Froman's Secret Weapon," Henrietta Kish, TV Show, February

"Jane's Back in the Swing," TV Stage,

"I Wanted to Come Back," Europe's Lighter Side, Art Buchwald,

TV Guide Singer Album, autographed 5X7 color photo, unknown date.

"I Know God Takes Over," TV Illustrated, Date unknown

"War Mother's Plea for Faith Inspires Song," Bob Considine, distributed by International News Service

"She Studied Singing to Stop Stuttering," Jerry Wald, (no source or date,) WHMS, JF papers vol.2 microfilm

"Radio Personalities," Harriet Meaker, (no source or date,) SHMS, JF Papers, vol. 2, microfilm


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