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Newspaper Articles

"A Song In Her Heart," Ji Xiang, Missourian News, Columbia Missouri, October 10, 2006
(Columbia native and actress Jane Froman inspired young women to excel.)

"The Day I Met Jane Froman," Dorothy DuNard, The Columbia Missourian, January 2003

"Granny's Notes," (Jane Froman diving story probably just an old myth,) Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri, March 26, 2001
(Even newcomers to Columbia might be familiar with the name Jane Froman; she sang for countless service men in many parts of the world during World War II. She gave them a bit of happiness, a few moments of respite from the horrors and boredom of military service. Jane was beautiful and charming, always with a smile on her face in spite of the tears that must have been in her heart. Her performances made those uniformed men think of home, loved ones and happy days ahead. But she knew so many...)

"Columbia Visitor Remembers Jane Froman '26,"
Friends (a Columbia College Newspaper), December, 1990, Vol.137, No.4, "Columbia Visitor Remembers Jane Froman '26"

"Poetic Tribute to hometown performer," by Jean Costen Carr, Columbia Daily Tribune, April 10, 1985

"Her memories live on," by Peggy Oliver, Columbia Missourian, April 10, 1981

"Music Center Dedication to honor famous alumna singer"Columbian (Columbia College paper), April 3, 1981

"Friends create fund to honor singer Smith," Columbia Missourian, (Around Columbia) May 10, 1980

"Jane Froman, 72, Dies in Missouri, Singer Succeeded Despite Injuries," Variety, April 30, 1980,

"Hayes given Christian College Distinguished Women of America Award," (front page, Jane and Helen Hayes,) The Columbia Daily Tribune, May 2, 1965

"Jane Froman Skips Music for Painting," Pasadena Star News, June 26, 1963

"Jane Froman: "1943 Relived," New York Post, October 3, 1962

"Wedding Tune," New York Journal American, June 21, 1962

"Jane Froman Married to Rowland H. Smith," Society and Women's Features, paper and date unknown

"Jane Froman Develops a New Talent," AP Article,( early 60s?)

“Along Broadway,” p.4, The Progress, Clearfield, PA, January 8, 1961 (about Janes amazing physical progress since WWII)

"Jane Froman at the Plaza," The Knight Watch, December 29, 1959

"Song In Her Heart Licks Jinx for Jane Froman," The Chillico Constitution Tribune, December 15, 1959

"Jane Froman's Sashay Into Chez Amid Snowfall in 1st Post-Surgery Date," Variety, Dated Chicago, Nov 17,1959

"Jane Froman Superstitious," Chicago's American, November 13, 1959

"Froman Rates the Adjectives," New York World Telegram and Sun, December 1959

"Froman Fans Help Children," New York Telegram and Sun, May 17, 1957

"Jane Froman Divorces Her Rescuer," New York Herald Tribune, June 15, 1956

Ad for Empire Room appearance, Billboard or Variety, February, 1956, (includes quotes of Billboard and Variety reviews and lists dates and places of tour)

"Thousands thrill to glamorous Froman, fashions," The Birmingham News, February 19, 1956

Review of Jane's club act at Riverside Casino, Reno Evening Gazette, August 17, 1955

"Personal Problems" Daily Mirror, March 1, 1955

"Jane Froman and her Husband Part but Hope to Settle Rift," The Evening Star, Washington DC, March 1, 1955

"Jane Hoping Love Song is not Ended," Journal American, March 1, 1955,

"Jane Froman and Mate Part," Daily News, March 1, 1955 (front page headline)

"Jane Froman Announces Separation," New York Herald Tribune, March 1, 1955

Reviews of Jane's Copa show (4/29-5/19/54)

"Froman's Back in the Swing of Things,", September 28, 1953

"Dined by the Fotogs," Dinner at the White House photo, front page of Daily News or Mirror, May 23, 1953

"Small Cross Link In Friendship of Syracuse Woman and Jane Froman, Noted Singing Star," The Post-Standard, April 11, 1952

"Here There and Hollywood" Winnipeg Free Press, March 10, 1947
Long article highlighting Jane's appreciation of applause received during a performance at the Colonial Inn in Miami Beach.

"Copa-cetic the Word for Latest Copa Topper," Nightlife, Lee Mortimer

"Jane Froman at the Copa,"The Knight Watch by Gene Knight

"Jane's Gowns Stir the Copa," By Gene Knight

"Fan Clubs Work for the Community," Source and Date unknown

“O! Man!,” Zanesville Signal, (photo) p.12, July 23, 1942

“Best Voice in the Cafe World,” Lowell Sun and Citizen-Leader, April 27, 1942 (photo of jane seated at mike in a hotel dining room in Chicago,)

New Show in Manhattan - "Keep Off the Grass," Time Magazine, Jun. 3, 1940

"Jane Froman Carries On," Joseph Kaye, Kansas City Star, January 9, 1941

"Two Radio Stars Adventures in Filmland," Lyle Rooks, Milwaukee Journal, November 3, 1935 (WHMS, JF Papers, vol. 4 microfilm)

"An M.U. Girl Is A Big Hit 'On The Air,'" Green River Star, Wyoming, December 16, 1934
The article's sub-head is "And Jane Froman, Star of the School of Journalism Review of 1927, Also Scores on the Stage-"



"Our own Jane Froman Smith will be missed by everyone who knew her or knew of her," Opinion, Columbia Missourian, April 25, 1980,

"Death Ends Secret Life of Pain for Singer Jane Froman," George Hunter, National Inquirer, April or May 1980

"Jane Froman, Big Band Singer; Played in Ziegfeld Follies of '34," The New York Times, April 24, 1980,

"Jane Froman funeral Friday; heroic singer," Chicago Sun-Times, April 24, 1980, from Sun-Times wires

"Still a song in her heart, Froman dies at age of 72," by Jim Herweg, Columbia Daily Tribune, April 23, 1980

"Jane Froman Smith dies; singer known nationally," by Phil Hennessy, Columbia Missourian, April 23, 1980,

"Jane Froman Smith Dies, Nationally Known Singer, " Moberly Monitor-Index and Evening Democrat, April 23, 1980,


With thanks to Deena Meiner and others who supplied much of this compilation

If you know of other articles that should be included here, please email the information to me at winng@earthlink.net, and I will be happy to expand the list.