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Original Recordings

78 rpm records - Bob Beck advises that all non-promo Capitol singles were released on both 78s and 45s

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    Baby Mine / When I See An Elephant Fly, Columbia 36460, 1941
    Bidin’ My Time, RCA Victor 12332
    Blue Moon / I'll Walk Alone / They're Either Too Young Or Too Old, Capitol 15743
    Boy! What Love Has Done to Me! /Tonight We Love, Columbia 36414, 1941
    But Where Are You / If You Love Me, Brunswick 02166, February 13, 1936
    But Where Are You / Please Believe Me, Decca 710A/B, February 13, 1936
    Cling to Me / Can't Get Out of This Mood, Capitol 2116, June, 1952

Fascinating Rhythm / Oh, Lady Be Good / Strike Up The Band, etc. Medley, RCA Victor 12336

    For Every Man There's A Woman, V-Disc 858-B
    For You, For Me, For Evermore / A Garden in the Rain, Majestic 1086, September 1946
    Hands Across the Table / Who's Your Little Who-Zis! by Dean Martin, Capitol mx20030
    I Believe / With A Song In My Heart, Capitol 1692, July 1954
I Believe
I Believe / Ghost of a Rose, Capitol 2332, January 1953
    If You Love Me / It's Great To Be In Love Again, Decca 725A/B, February 13, 1936
    I Got Lost in His Arms / Millionaires Don't Whistle, Majestic 1049
    I Got Rhythm, Gershwin / Of Thee I Sing, Gershwin, RCA Victor 12332
    I Only Have Eyes For You / A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder, Decca 181A/B, September 1934 (I Only Have Eyes For You was the #20 Pop hit of 1934,)
    I'll Never Be The Same / I Wonder, Capitol 3033, 1954
I'll Walk Alone
I'll Walk Alone / With A Song In My Heart, Capitol 2044, April 1952
(I'll Walk Alone was the #14 Pop hit of 1952)
I Solemly Swear
I Solemnly Swear / Backward, Turn Backward, Capitol 2755
    It's All in Your Heart / Wait and See, Capitol, 2708
    June Kisses, / Under Vesuvian Skies [ not a Froman vocal ], Victor 22460, June 10, 1930
With Henry Thies and His Orchestra
    Lost In A Fog / A New Moon, Brunswick 01902, September 14, 1934
    Melancholy Baby / Lost in A Fog, Decca, 180A/B, September 1934
    Melancholy Baby / I Only Have Eyes For You, Brunswick 01927, September 14, 1934
    Millionaires Don't Whistle / I Got Lost in His Arms, (with Jerry Gray Orchestra,) Majestic 1048, May 1946
  Gershwin 78 Musica De Gershwin, RCA Victor, 1A-0008-A&B
Oh Gee Oh Joy / 'S Wonderful / Do It Again / Strike Up the Band (part 1)
    My Bill / Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man V-disc 668a 1941
with Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra

My Shining Hour / If I Loved You a Mountain, Capitol 2496, June 1953

    No! / My Love My Life, Capitol 2219, September 1952
    Of Thee I Sing / Lady Be Good /Fascinating Rhythm /Strike Up The Band /Bidinand more, RCA 12332, Medley from Girl Crazy
    Please Believe Me / It's Great To Be In Love Again, Brunswick 02174, February 13, 1936
    Robe of Calvary / The Sound of Love Capitol, 2639 (or 2693), November 1953
    Sharing / My Sweetheart Serenade [ not a Froman vocal ] RCA Victor 22461, June 10, 1930
    Someone To Watch Over Me / Do-Do-Do / Swanee, etc., RCA Victor 12335
    Song From Desiree / The Finger Of Suspicion Points At You, Capitol C1424, 1954
    Stay Where You Are / Laughing, Capitol 2241 Dj St, October 1952
    Tea For Two / An American Medley Part 1, Capitol 15742
    The Answer To My Prayer/ Summertime In Venice, Capitol 3164, 1955
    The Man I Love, RCA Victor 12333
    Tonight We Love / Boy! What Love Has Done To Me, Columbia, 1941
    Wait and See / It's All In Your Heart, Capitol 2708, 1952-53
    Wish You Were Here / Mine, Capitol Records, July, 1952
This was # 25 on the Pop list for 1952
    You, So It's You / Linger In My Arms A Little Longer, Baby, (with Jerry Gray Orchestra) Majestic 1049, May 1946

45 rpm singles

    American Medley Opening / It's A Good Day, Capitol 15741, 1950
    American Medley (Pt. 2) / Tea For Two, Capitol 15742, 1950
    Backward,Turn Backward / I Solemnly Swear, Capitol F2755, 1954
    Blue Moon / I'll Walk Alone / They're Either Too Young or Too Old, Capitol 6F-15743, 1950
    Can't Get Out of This Mood / Cling to Me, Capitol F 2116, 1952
    Embraceable You / Get Happy, Capitol 15744, 1950
    Finger Of Suspicion Points At You / Song From Desiree, Capitol F2979, 1954
    Ghost Of A Rose / I Believe, Capitol F2332, 1953
    I Believe / With A Song In My Heart, Capitol 1692 (?), 1951
    I Wonder / I'll Never Be The Same, Capitol 3033, 1955
    If I Love You A Mountain / My Shining Hour, Capitol 2496, 1953
    It's All In Your Heart / Wait And See, Capitol 2708, 1954
    It's Great To Be In Love Again / If You Love Me, Decca 91105
    Laughing / Stay Where You Are, Capitol 2241, 1952
    Melancholy Baby / Lost In A Fog, Decca 11052
    Mine / Wish You Were Here, Capitol F 2154, 1952
    No! / My Love, My Life, Capitol (2219), 1952
    One Little Candle / You'll Never Walk Alone, Capitol 14658
    Please Believe Me / But Where Are You, Decca 911054, Reissue, Decca Collectors Classic
    Robe of Calvary / The Sound of Love,Capitol F2639, 1953
(reached #28 on Billboard chart; 1953,)
    Sharing / My Sweetheart Serenade [not a Froman vocal ] RCA Victor 22461
    Sound Foundation, A / I Wantcha Around, Capitol 3220, 1955
    Summertime in Venice / You're the Answer to My Prayer, Capitol F 3164
    With a Song in My Heart / I'll Walk Alone, Capitol F 2044, 1952

78 rpm albums

    Gershwin Memorial Album, RCA Victor C-29, 1938
    With a Song in My Heart, Capitol 7-15741 to 44, 1952
4-10" 78 rpm discs
    Gems From Gershwin (5-78s), RCA Victor, July 10, 1938

45 rpm extended-play (EP) albums

  Faith Faith, Capitol EAP-726
  Gems_From_Gershwin Gems From Gershwin, RCA Victor EPBT 3055
    Jane Froman Favorites, Capitol EAP 1-429
  Jane Froman Sings Jane Froman Sings, Capitol EAP 1-600
  Jane Froman Sings Jane Froman Sings, Royale EP 254
    Yours Alone, Capitol EBF 354

Songs At Sunset

Jane Froman Songs At Sunset, Part 1 (1956 UK 4-track 7" vinyl EP EAP-1-889)
  Moonlight & Roses Moonlight and Roses, Royale EP 152

33 rpm long-play (LP) albums

    A Right To Sing The Blues, AEI 2105, 1980
    But Beautiful, Janey R 400, 1985
  Faith Faith, Capitol T 726
    Gershwin Memorial Album, RCA Victor C-29, 1938
Recorded from the RCA Magic Key Gershwin Memorial Program of July 10, 1938
Jane Froman and Orchestra
Jane Froman and Orchestra, Royale 18108 [ 10" ]
    Jane Froman-The Memorable Radio Years 1934-1950, Star-Tone, ST 220, 1974
Previously unreleased performances 1934 through 1950
Let's Go To Church, Capitol T1042
Gordon Macrae, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jane Froman, Faron Young, Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely,
    Meet The Girls, Halo 50254 Jane sings "A Garden in the Rain" and "Linger In My Arms"
  Pal Joey Pal Joey, Capitol W 310, (Australia )
  Songs At Sunset Songs At Sunset, Capitol T 889
  Souvenir Album Souvenir Album, Decca DL 6021 10"
    Those Wonderful 30s - Stars of Broadway, Nightclubs and Vaudeville, DEA-72, 1968
Jane sings "Boy What Love Has Done To Me"
    Those Wonderful Girls of Stage, Screen and Radio, Epic, SN 6059, 1968
Jane sings "Lost In A Fog"
  With a Song in My Heart With a Song in My Heart, Capitol M 11891, T-309 (soundtrack)
  Yours Alone Yours Alone: Love Songs By Jane Froman, Capitol H 354 (10")
Compact Disc (CD) Albums


Gems From Gershwin: Magic Key Program, RCA Victor 63275
  Capitol Jane Froman on Capitol, (Audio CD) Collector's Choice, Capitol Recordings, April 21, 1998
  The Star Through Three Decades Jane Froman: The Star Through Three Decades, (Audio CD), Original Cast Record, 2000
  My Heart Speaks My Heart Speaks, Jasmine Music, April 7, 1998
    Pal Joey, Capitol, October 25, 1990, (1952 Broadway Cast Recording)
    Pal Joey, Broadway Angel D 103147
  Songs at Sunset/Faith Songs at Sunset / Faith, (with extra tracks) Box Office, January 1, 2000
    The Great Girl Singers, Capitol SLB 6962, 1974 ("With A Song In My Heart")
    With a Song in My Heart, EMI-Capitol Music, ???
  With A Song In My Heart With a Song in My Heart, Good Music Record Co. 157924
  Song With A Song In My Heart / Yours Alone (Original Recordings, 1930-1952), Box Office, January 1, 2000
  WASIMH/Pal Joey With a Song In My Heart (from the 1952 film) / Pal Joey (with 1952 cast members) DRG 19054, Remastered. Original Release Date: August 12, 2003
  Ziegfield Follies Ziegfield Follies of 1934, (Original Cast), 1997
Sheet Music Covers
  A Boy and a Girl Were Dancing "A Boy and a Girl Were Dancing"
    "After All I've Been to You," (WHMC)
  Backward, Turn Backward "Backward, Turn Backward"
  City Called Heaven "City Called Heaven (Population of Two)"
    "Cling to Me"
    "How Long Has This Been Going On," (WHMC)
  I Believe "I Believe"
    "I'll Walk Alone "
    "It's All in Your Heart "
    "I Wonder"
  Just A Little Home For The Old Folks "Just A Little Home For The Old Folks" 1932.
    "Little Skipper," (WHMC)
    "Lost in a Fog "
    "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland," (WHMC)
  More Than You Know "More Than You Know" 1929
  My Wishing Song "My Wishing Song," (WHMC)
  "Number Ten Lullaby Lane" "Number Ten Lullaby Lane"
    "Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins" 1932
  So Rare "So Rare"
  The House Is Haunted "The House Is Haunted" 1934
  The House Is Haunted "The Lamp Is Low"
    "Tired," (WHMC)
  Where Am I? "Where Am I? "
Audio Cassettes
    Radio Years, Cassette, Demand Performance, October 10, 1996
  Capitol Recordings Capitol Recordings, Cassette, Collector's Choice, April 21, 1998

With gratitude to all the help from Bob Beck, The Online 78rpm Discological Project,
and other sources too numerous to mention.
***Jane Froman fans living in or visiting the Chicago area can listen to any of Jane's studio recordings in the complete collection in the music department on 8th floor of the Chicago Public Library at 400 South State Street.***
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